Varsity Blues: A Docuseries About the Varsity Blues Cast

Varsity Blues: A Docuseries About the Varsity Blues Cast

John Stamos speaks out about Lori Loughlin after Varsity Blues scandal: ‘She went to f—ing jail, man’

Varsity Blues was a Netflix series where five young men from all different backgrounds became unlikely college football stars. All five were from Los Angeles, and they have the same birthday.

The Varsity Blues group included a student at UCLA, a member of the USC football team and four teammates from the USC soccer team. The series debuted in 2018, and it went off the air after eight episodes last year.

“We were a lot of different people and a lot of unique characters,” says Chris Smith, who played on the soccer team and made a cameo in season 1. “We had so much fun with it. It was such an awesome experience, and we had such great time together.”

Over the past year, the cast has come together to tell their stories in a new Varsity Blues docuseries. It’s an extraordinary project that shows the cast and crew in their real-life locations, sharing the highs and lows of their journey as they were learning to become one of the most talked about, and most scrutinized, cast of TV stars ever.

Lori Loughlin, the mother of the five Varsity Blues stars, has been convicted of fraud. In addition, the cast is going through a legal process that involves being questioned by the police and prosecutors and potentially facing charges themselves.

It’s a complex, emotional and uncomfortable situation for everyone. But for Smith and the other cast members — and their friends — the process is a chance to look back on their high school years, learn about one another and relive their first time in the spotlight.

“We’d come up from Calabasas and play pool at this local pool hall,” says Smith. “We were just kind of hanging out. There wasn’t really a story behind it. It wasn’t like we were having a party or going on a mission trip.”

But Smith and his friends were all on the soccer team, which was playing the Bruins on Oct. 14, 2017, during the season opener. (That was the last event that would end up on the Netflix series — which is a good thing

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