Why the T. Rex's face is like Santa Claus

Why the T. Rex’s face is like Santa Claus

Image copyright Reuters Image caption This T. Rex skull was found in 1950 Why, you might wonder, does this skull boast a Christmas sweater, a coat of arms, and snowflake eyes? Actually, it’s more…

Some thoughts and lessons from Brad Plumer


Some thoughts and lessons from Brad Plumer

CNN Media All-Stars: Monkey Cage Blog Co-Editor and Duke University Professor Brad Plumer Journalism Career Highlights: Newsday, Foreign Policy, The Wall Street Journal More recent writing experience: All Things Considered, NPR, Byline, CNS News,…

Antique patterns 'dated' to Qatar


Antique patterns ‘dated’ to Qatar

Archaeologists have found “unique” patterns – some of them in Arabic script – etched into sand dunes in the Qatari desert. Despite being exposed to the elements since 2007, the geological formations, described in…

US probes Tesla's Model 3 emissions over muffled exhaust


US probes Tesla’s Model 3 emissions over muffled exhaust

The California transport agency has also launched an investigation into complaints of luxury car noise in recent months The US transportation department has launched a probe into Tesla’s Model 3 after receiving hundreds of…

Kids' car shows--the road to glory, paradise


Kids’ car shows–the road to glory, paradise

For millions of kids in the ’80s and ’90s, the allure of a hot automobile was nothing short of epic. Whether you found yourself perched at the top of a turnip truck, sliding toward…