Tom Brady and Ron DeSantis Are Getting Closer to One Another

Tom Brady and Ron DeSantis Are Getting Closer to One Another

Tom Brady and Ron DeSantis Are Said to Be on Texting Terms

By Andrew Taylor

There are a lot of reasons to be excited about what Tom Brady and Ron DeSantis have been able to accomplish during their first years in office. The two Republicans have turned Florida into the Sunshine State, established a thriving business district in Jacksonville and brought in $1 billion in tax revenue, which is projected to soar to $1.3 billion by 2029 and $1.7 billion in 2044.

But there are also negative consequences to their accomplishments. There is, for instance, an ongoing debate about which party controls the governor’s office in Florida. Some would argue that the power is in the hands of the Democrats, while others would say the Republicans are in complete control. There are also rumors that the Tallahassee administration may have allowed Florida schools to use cellphones to take students’ attendance records without their consent.

While the two have both repeatedly rejected these accusations, they have been publicly close for the last few months. According to a report in The Miami Herald, the two have spoken on the phone more than 80 times since November, in addition to exchanging text messages at least 20 times.

Both Brady and DeSantis have also been outspoken about why they believe their parties’ success is a result of their work. In his campaign kickoff speech to voters in Miami Beach, DeSantis told them the two parties now “work together” to create “prosperity, opportunity and prosperity.”

“There will never be a single-party system in America like it is now,” he said.

Last week, the Miami Herald reported that DeSantis, who is now running for governor as a Republican, has been keeping in contact with former President Bill Clinton. He is, for example, said to be helping his candidate, Brad Scott, with his election strategy.

But when the two have done interviews together, it’s always been in the context of a phone call or text message. In one interview, DeSantis told the paper that the two have called each other on “several occasions since the beginning of the year.

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