Toronto staff are ready to recommend electric vehicle rebates for city grants

Toronto staff are ready to recommend electric vehicle rebates for city grants

Electric vehicle rebate among staff proposals to speed up Toronto’s target to become a carbon neutral city

TORONTO — At the end of last month, we reported in a story that a new staff proposal on electric vehicle rebates among city grants is up for public discussion.

After almost five months of studying the issue city-wide, staff are still not able to recommend electric vehicle rebates for any Toronto grant programs.

Toronto staff say that decision has been frustrating, and that they have been unable to come to terms with the new Toronto Green Plan.

So, staff are trying again.

After spending time last month meeting with staff in different parts of the city, they are ready with a new staff proposal (which is not yet ready for public discussion) that would require the City to give cash rebates to residents buying electric vehicles, and also a cash rebate to residents looking to buy a new home that uses 100% renewable energy sources.

The proposals were designed by staff to bring electric vehicle rebate programs to Toronto, and other cities, on par with Toronto’s rebate program for low-emissions vehicles, which is similar to our program in Toronto.

We have heard rumours about a new rebate program around electric vehicles in Toronto, however it is not clear when and where it is going to happen.

Our staff has spent time talking with staff within the department responsible for the City’s rebate program, the Department of Planning and Environmental Services. This staff group is responsible for funding programs like our Low-Emission Vehicle Rebate Program, and they have also been talking to staff at the Toronto Police Services Board and City Council.

Once we have an understanding of exactly what is planned for electric vehicles within Toronto, we will be able to report on how the City’s program compares with other city rebates.

This new recommendation was created based on feedback we got from the public when we asked for them to weigh in on electric vehicle policies.

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