Roger Federer isn’t the most hated man in the world

Roger Federer isn't the most hated man in the world

The day Roger Federer couldn’t stop laughing at CNN correspondent’s Spanish phrases, he set himself a record that, on the surface, might seem a little strange.

This is what happened:

“That’s great. You are very funny,” Federer told CNN’s Piers Morgan, who had been asking him a question in Spanish.

It was an odd moment for a man who has won 14 majors and is already the 12-time No. 1. And it brought up questions.

Did he really just make a fool of himself at a live, network-TV broadcast? And is it even correct to say he was laughing?

“I think it definitely is correct. It’s not a joke, it’s actually something,” said Federer, who is now 23-3 and won his third Grand Slam of the year, the Miami Open, in his sixth appearance. “It’s something you see on TV all the time, but maybe at first, especially in this day and age, people don’t believe that you can actually laugh on TV.”

A day doesn’t go by where people don’t believe in the truth.

But the man who once was referred to as “the most hated man in the world” by an ad for a clothing store is clearly a man of few words.

It wasn’t a new story for Roger Federer. During a March news conference at the Miami Open, the Swiss star was asked in English if he would come out and play Federer-style tennis against him.

“We will see,” Federer replied.

But after that, things changed.

A few days later, he responded to Morgan in Spanish, calling his question “good. Great. It was a very good question.”

And then something that was once unthinkable happened.

During a TV interview with the BBC, on March 21, 2011, he was asked a series of what seemed to be simple basketball questions.

Asked if he still wanted to stay with his longtime coach Patrick Mouratoglou, Federer responded, “That’s something you do at the first interview. When you have an hour,” which, by the way, was a reference to the hours Federer was spending with Mouratoglou on the court.

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