The Real Estate Purchases of Scott Beers

The Real Estate Purchases of Scott Beers

In L.A., hidden armies of workers keep mega-mansions on the market. They’re the “cadre” who’ve helped Trump, and they may have been behind a wave of mass shootings in America last month.

This past January, as the U.S. economy sank, the Los Angeles real estate market began to see a comeback. One of the primary players at the time was Scott Beers, a man with a background in the banking industry with ties to real estate and venture capitalists. He would start buying properties in Beverly Hills, sometimes using his father’s company as a front for making the purchases, according to an FBI investigation.

Beers’ real estate purchases involved properties for sale that were not for sale. Beers has said he used this practice to avoid real estate agents he felt were undercutting him.

It’s hard to track exactly who Beers bought – and how much money he made – but here’s some information about the real estate purchases that have received little media attention:

1. The Chateau Marmont: In mid-2005, Beers bought a home in Beverly Hills, which has an opulent, 4,000-square-foot home theater, a separate kitchen and a living room with a fireplace. Beers signed a contract with the property’s owner, Bob Hope, in November 2005, and he made at least one additional payment on the property’s July 2007 completion in 2008.

2. The Casa Loma: Beers purchased the $20 million home in Beverly Hills for $22,000,000 in July 2006, according to The Los Angeles Times. The property was sold in 2015 for $25,000,000.

3. The $25 million Bel Air: Beers paid more than $10 million for Beverly Hills property that was in foreclosure at the time. It was sold for only $3,750,000 in 2011.

4. The $30 million El Pueblo: In 2009,

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