The Most Awkward Feeling I Ever Had

The Most Awkward Feeling I Ever Had

Why Austin Butler cries every time he sees one Elvis Presley performance.

The University of Arizona student was out and standing for some reason to watch ‘Elvis’ when his first thought to himself was: “He’s so fucking hot.”

The scene was set as he stared at the Elvis impersonator. So many of the men were standing up, and the crowd began to move around, like they were about to do a dance.

He watched the crowd until it was just about dead, he thought it looked like the same crowd as his school dance last year.

I remember when I was a freshman, a band came to campus for the Homecoming Dance. They played three songs for the whole time we were in the gym. The first one was the one they had on the radio, and I was the only one in the gym watching them for the third song. It was my first time watching a live band on stage, and I was in college when I first heard the music, so I knew they would be good and they were. The entire band was awesome, and the vocalist was great. So, as I was watching them play, they had stopped performing and were standing watching us, and they had that look on their faces. It was kind of an awkward looking moment. When I got back to my dorm room, I just had the feeling I should be walking down the hall or at least out in the hallway and talking to people, but instead I just looked at them like a statue. I can’t explain how I felt. It wasn’t until a few days later that I even looked at another band in the gym. It was the most awkward feeling I had ever felt. I can not explain that feeling. It was just weird, I had to tell my friends about it.

The night Elvis was on the University of Arizona campus, Butler went to see ‘The

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