The USMNT’s World Cup 2016: A Time to Talk About Travel

The USMNT’s World Cup 2016: A Time to Talk About Travel

Christian Pulisic, Set to Lead USMNT at World Cup, Counts the Minutes at Chelsea

With the World Cup less than a week away in Russia, World Cup 2016:

The U.S. Men’s National Team looks to take its place among the world’s elite at the World Cup in June.

By Adam Pottruck

July 19th, 2016

It’s that time of year again when people start thinking about travel. A time to make lists, check off items on lists, and talk about travel.

This time of the year has been particularly tough for the USMNT. It has suffered in terms of the amount of games it has played, the amount of injuries it has suffered, and the amount of travel it has had to undertake to and from those games.

However, that has not been the case for US fans. In general, the last few months have been a resounding success for the USMNT. With a string of wins at the end of June and over the weekend, the U.S. has played a game every other day since May 21. That has led to a 6-0-0 record and has given the USMNT the confidence to expect to win on the road.

There have been some tough games in many places around the world this year. The USMNT played a team in Germany on Friday night that had previously beaten the USMNT 5-0 twice. In another game, the USMNT played a team in Portugal that had beaten the USMNT 9-0.

In between those wins, a game was lost on the road. On June 1, the USMNT played a game in Brazil against a team that had previously beaten the USMNT 5-0. In a match that the USMNT played with three of the best attacking players in the world, it finished with two late goals in the last ten minutes that put the USMNT in a 0-0

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