Serena Williams: Is she a citizen?

Serena Williams: Is she a citizen?

CNN interviewed Serena Williams when she was 9. Here’s what she said on the matter.

Serena Williams has not always been the most sought out woman on the media circuit.

For years she was more of a sideline star, playing on the small but significant stage of the Olympics. There she had her moments, though.

Just last year, however, Serena became an international star, having just finished what she thought was the best season ever. She had won 12 of the 15 majors she entered, had finished runner-up in four of the seven majors she had left and, at the end of it all, had secured the elusive and coveted WTA title in New York.

Williams was then a little over 10 years old.

It was around this time that she gave NPR’s “The Weekend Edition” a little peek inside her mind, the part of her mind where she deals with the things that happen to her every day.

NPR: If somebody calls you a princess and says that you’re a very special tennis player and you’re not like everybody else and that she’s the one who is special. Then, what would you say?

Williams: I’d say I was born in America.

NPR: But you’re not a citizen?

Williams: No, I’m a citizen. I live in New York. That’s where I’m from. So I guess I can be said to be a citizen, though I’m a little bit confused as to the rules. I live here and I’m trying to understand the laws regarding what citizenship means.

NPR: I’m going to ask you a more difficult question. I said that you are special because you’re special. Then, I ask you whether you would even want to play tennis if it weren’t for Serena Williams.

Williams: No, I would not. I’ve always loved to play the game. I’ve loved to play ever since

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