The American Women’s National Team is urging the federation to change the pay structure

The American Women’s National Team is urging the federation to change the pay structure

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After several weeks of silence, the American Women’s National Team has given its fans something to cheer, sending out a letter to the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF), which could make the pay disparity issue one of the most contentious topics leading up to the 2015 World Cup.

The letter, which according to ESPN’s Arlie Hochschild, is penned by the current and former players, asks the federation to change the pay structure so that any current and former players make the same amount as any current or former national team players.

The players and the federation both know that the issue is complex, and the current structure – while certainly not the best – has long been in place and serves to limit the competition and the amount of talent that gets the biggest salary.

But the current pay structure has also served as a tool for the players and the federation to limit the amount of competition and ultimately, the amount of money that gets paid to the players. And it has also served to limit the amount of money that gets given out to the players, and in doing so, has left the players with little incentive to be at the very top of their chosen profession.

The salary disparity issue has been a contentious issue, but the letter is a strong move to bring it into the open in public and hopefully move towards a solution.

It is also significant for those of us that have played the game for decades, as well as those yet to play and have seen the benefits of playing for a national team, and the sacrifices that had to be made to be at the highest level.

With the letter, the players are clearly opening the door to a debate that has been long been avoided in U.S. Soccer, and they will hopefully make those players that are willing to debate the issue more aware of the importance of discussing these issues openly and honestly.

When it comes to the current salary structure in the United States, the federation can only set the framework for what the salary structure is to be, and cannot alter it.

But the players, on behalf of the current and future players, are asking the federation to alter what the current salary structure is meant to be – to make all players at that level make the same amount. While they know

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