The biggest earthquake of the day hit Los Angeles and Mexico

The biggest earthquake of the day hit Los Angeles and Mexico

An ‘oddball’ 6.0 earthquake is recorded almost 800 miles off Southern California’s coast during the same day that the largest ever earthquake in Japan had struck the same town. The earthquake – with its epicenter some 16 miles beneath the Pacific Ocean – was felt by coastal areas in Southern California and was strong enough to destroy buildings near the quake’s epicentre. It is among the largest ever earthquakes and has been named the 6.0 Northridge earthquake and the strongest such earthquake on the California mainland. However, it caused only one fatality, when one woman was killed in the town of Redondo Beach when she was swept on a nearby beach by a tsunami. Other casualties will be investigated. “The earthquake measured a magnitude of 6.0 and was considered to be of moderate strength,” said the US Geological Survey (USGS). “The earthquake was centred some 16 miles west-northwest of Redondo Beach in northern San Diego County and was located close to the town of Redondo Beach.” According to a University of Southern California (USC) earthquake specialist, the quake was a foreshock and a warning for the earthquake that struck Japan on Friday, but caused only minor damage to the west coast of the US.

US Geological Survey

Scientists said that aftershocks are a common feature for big earthquakes and this earthquake was no different. “Aftershocks can be expected for many months after the occurrence of a large earthquake,” said a USGS earthquake specialist, Anthony Foxx. “In fact, there are more aftershocks than aftershocks after an earthquake.” However, the aftershocks from the earthquake in Chile in October and November 2010 were small in magnitude, the USGS said, when measured.

The earthquake was the biggest of the day, with a magnitude of 7.2. It hit 19 km (12 miles) below the surface and was felt for more than four hours on Friday, forcing people to flee from structures that were seriously damaged. The earthquake was also felt as far away as as Los Angeles and Mexico. The first USGS earthquake forecast of the day was for a magnitude of 7.9, which was more than a year away. However, as the quake hit, it was already 1.4 times stronger than the forecast. And, when it reached a magnitude of 7.2, it was close to the strength of the strongest

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