Serena Williams launches new shoe range ‘I’m Back, and I’m Healthy’

Serena Williams launches new shoe range 'I'm Back, and I'm Healthy'

Serena Williams teases return to competitive tennis, says Tom Brady ‘started a really cool trend’ for women’s tennis

Serena Williams is back in competitive tennis after recovering from a knee operation.

The 37-year-old American showed off her tennis in a new campaign poster, which also showed her doing yoga.

Williams is hoping to return to tennis in the next eight weeks after having the tendon grafts removed in June.

Serena Williams will return to competitive tennis in at least eight weeks, as she recovers from her knee operation

Williams shared a new campaign poster for her new line of shoes which also shows her doing yoga alongside the caption: ‘I’m back, and I’m healthy’.

‘I think we’ve created a new trend for women’s tennis. With this line of shoes in particular,’ Serena said of her new shoe range.

‘I think this can open a whole new market for women’s tennis, I think this is a new era, a new age.

‘I think the next eight weeks will be the hardest, I really do.’

Williams has had an operation on the joint in her left knee, which required the removal of some cartilage, and was forced to take a month off from the sport.

The tennis star revealed she thought about retiring when she received the news in April 2017.

‘I thought about retiring,’ she said. I was just so focused on my work.

‘My career was right there. I was planning to retire at an early age, but a family was calling me, so I’m gonna let me family decide.’

Williams will return to her tennis in the coming weeks after recovering from her knee operation

Williams is aiming to use the campaign to draw people’s attention to her new shoe range called ‘I’m Back, and I’m Healthy’.

The brand launches alongside its own line of shoes made in collaboration with Nike called The Court.

The footwear range features all-mixed materials in white, grey, beige and red, with blue accents made specifically for courts.

It also comes as a limited edition to celebrate the launch.

The shoes will

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