The Science Behind Success Through Sports

The Science Behind Success Through Sports

Does adversity make you stronger? Scientists say not always but now, through their research, they have a better understanding how it can. Find out all about the latest scientific research into the effects of adversity.

1. The Science Behind Success in the Workplace

A 2017 study by Princeton University researchers found that those who showed resilience in the face of adversity were more efficient in the workplace, and the researchers theorize this was not only because of the positive effects of stress or anxiety.

Resilience may make sure you make the most of the negative side of life by helping you stick to your goals and avoid overwhelm.

2. The Science Behind Success in the Home

The benefits of adversity can manifest themselves at home, too. For example, a report by the National Academies of Science reported that adversity can lead to a healthy “brain-body connection” that improves long-term cognitive function.

In other words, the experience of success in one venue can result in better cognitive performance in another, which helps protect you from risk and protect your health.

3. The Science Behind Success Through Sports

Whether you are an athlete or not, you likely know people (like your parents) who have had different experiences, and have made different life changes, through their lives in sports.

The Harvard Health Practice has reported that “adversity helps athletes succeed more than once.”

One way is through experience, another way is through preparation, and many more ways, which was highlighted by the Harvard study.

4. The Science Behind Success Through Therapy

“When someone is able to tolerate adversity, they become stronger, more resilient and have a lot of new resources to draw upon,” said Elizabeth K. O’Neill, Ph.D., in the Harvard Health Practice article.

When someone is resilient in the face of adversity, they are better able to use their coping skills when life happens.

5. The Science Behind Success Through Life Changes

Adversity brings changes to the way you live your life. For example, you may want to stop drinking and smoking or lose weight.

It can bring changes to your diet, your work habits, and your priorities in life.

A recent study found that people who suffered from depression as adults were

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