I Just Want You to Get Out of the Way With Your Hatred and Anger

I Just Want You to Get Out of the Way With Your Hatred and Anger

Letters to the Editor: Gas prices. Homelessness. This is why Republicans might win the mid-term elections.

I know you want to stay out of these “pissing contests,” but there are more important things to worry about. I do not want to be labeled a “sadist.” I’m a former Republican and Democrat and I like Republicans and Democrats. I’ve also voted for President Obama and Hillary. I just want you to get out of the way with your hatred and anger and stop making us all think that our country is falling apart like a house of cards.

I just want you to wake up and look around and go from one thing to the next with a happy-go-lucky attitude of “I’ve been here before and it’s going to be all right.”

I saw a new bumper sticker on my car today that said: “There’s a political side and a civic side and a religious side. And for the people who support them, it’s all the same.”

Please don’t be like the people we saw in the last election. I have not voted in the last few elections because of the rhetoric of “we must take back” and because the candidates ran on “for us or against us.” The only thing that’s changed is the media propaganda and the political tactics of the Democrats and the Republicans to get out their vote.

You know what’s going on in our country, and yes, some of it is real and some is manufactured. It is a manufactured crisis that will take us out of this recession.

I don’t care what you think about Obama, I’m sure you’ll like him after he gets elected. In my view, Obama doesn’t do anything to help us, but his economic policies will help the wealthy and the corporate interests that make up the Democratic party.

There are a number of ways

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