The heat wave is expected to hit Southern California by Tuesday

The heat wave is expected to hit Southern California by Tuesday

Heat wave reaches ‘the tail end’ in Southern California

A massive heatwave that has been rocking Southern California for two weeks has the region in its sights for the end of the summer, according to forecasters.

The so-called “July heat wave” has been clocked in at more than 106 degrees in La Habra, Ventura, and San Gabriel — nearly twice the predicted daily maximum of 59 degrees the city experiences.

Heatwave warnings were issued in San Diego on Monday, where the city will be battling the threat of a record-breaking heat wave, while Los Angeles faced the added threat of another record-breaking heat wave in its suburbs.

It’s likely that the heat wave will spread to Southern California by Tuesday.

“We’re about to hit the tail end of this heat wave. The highs could drop and it could bring a cool wind to the area,” said meteorologist Mike Balsamo. “We are expecting to have a nice cool day. Then the next day, by Wednesday, it will be hot, and the high will climb higher and higher.”

Even though it’s over 100 degrees outside, some are still able to visit some parks and playgrounds during the heat wave.

“I went to a park where I have a little child and the children were dressed up, and it was not too hot. The little girl was wearing a little dress; she was wearing a skirt,” said Balsamo. “Her little dress was too short, and there was a little leg showing.”

While there are no plans to make the park cooler, a few parks are open until around 2 p.m today, according to the Department of Parks and Recreation.

The Department of Parks and Recreation also warned people in south Los Angeles to avoid heatstroke and heat exhaustion during the heat wave.

“The heat that we’re going to see on Wednesday is going to be really hot. It is going to be about 105 degrees with low humidity. We’re dealing with low humidity, but what we’re expecting is heatstroke, heat exhaustion and dehydration,”

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