McHale says he would never play a character in a wheelchair again

McHale says he would never play a character in a wheelchair again

‘Glee’ alum Kevin McHale says he wouldn’t play a character in a wheelchair now.

“I would not play a character in a wheelchair because that’s not who I am or who I would like to be. And that’s OK.”

McHale may be the voice behind the wheel for some of the key characters featured on Glee the musical, but he says that he has turned his back on the show because of its use of the wheelchair.

The actor says he would never portray a character in a wheelchair again. And he doesn’t blame Kurt Hummel, who plays wheelchair-using Finn in the show.

“I think Kurt has it right. I think the reason a lot of people find Kurt’s character endearing is because he’s not in the least bit self-loathing about it. But people should be careful with characterizations.”

McHale admits that he sees the show as a fun diversion, with some light comic relief thrown in and with the “darkly comedic” episode, which stars a wheelchair user, as the crown jewel of the season.

“When you take it out of the context of Glee, it’s a great thing. And it is a great thing to watch. And, in the same way as an opera or a movie, it’s meant to take you on a journey. You sit there, and you forget for a minute, and you go back to it thinking, ‘Wow, I never knew…what that felt like’”

McHale seems to have found a niche for his role on the show. The actor recently received the prestigious Helen Hayes Award for his work in Glee, which was presented to him at the New York Television Festival on Monday.

He also sat down with the New York Times’ TV critic Alessandra Stanley to discuss his time on Glee. McHale said he thought it was the most talented cast in Hollywood, and he thinks the show will only get better.

“This show is just at its best when its writers and directors just sort of let it go, and say ‘We want to make a good show and if you watch this

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