Maron Maron: Letterman Show Was the Best Night of My Life

Maron Maron: Letterman Show Was the Best Night of My Life

Even though Gallagher stormed out, Marc Maron ‘kind of’ loves that infamous interview. Maron says he wouldn’t be able to write the song “Pete” without Gallagher talking to him.

“So I wrote him a letter and I said, ‘Dear Paul, I know you’re not going to get this, but I really appreciate you telling me how great my music is,’” Maron told the Cut. “I said, ‘You made me feel like I’m a little writer in my own right.’ And he wrote me back and said, ‘Yeah, it’s like I’m a little writer in his own right. I want to hear what you have to say about stuff and get feedback, and make sure to make sure you get your point across and I think I’ve been doing that for about nine albums now.’ It just made me really happy.” Maron said.

Last night, Maron told the Cut, the Letterman show was the best night of his life. “I feel like I have the perfect show,” he said. “Pete is such a great interviewer and Paul is such a great host, and it’s kind of like, it’s magic, like this thing is going on for just one night, so there’s this whole other magical world. I feel like I could be a rock star.”

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