Danley is a Free Woman Now

Danley is a Free Woman Now

Her allegations brought down megachurch pastor Bruxy Cavey. Then the anonymous trolls came for her. Now she has a job at a Christian church — and they want her gone

It takes more than a lot of Facebook hate to drive an anonymous online rage — and then some.

When Marilou Danley published her resignation letter on Facebook, the response was swift and brutal.

Danley is the leader of Campus Crusade for Christ’s online ministry, which is currently embroiled in a dispute with the religious organization that paid her, and is now being accused of being a hypocrite who works for a rival.

The online community quickly found Danley’s resignation problematic, and began to discuss how to punish her and her church. Eventually, her fans and members of the faith community launched an open attack on her online presence, and created a movement to end her employment at Campus Crusade for Christ, and send her to jail.

The online mob has also vowed to help her find a job, and even have her arrested.

But now she’s on the job, and on the job big-time. She’s the director of online ministry at Campus Crusade for Christ.

She’s also been accused of being a hypocrite for holding a job that she says is similar to a pastor’s, but for an organization that she says supports and promotes “intrinsically evil” causes.

The conflict, which emerged over the past few months, has taken over her Facebook page and led to at least three death threats.

But it hasn’t stopped her from enjoying a new sense of freedom.

“I’m a free woman now!” Danley told The Daily Beast. “I feel like a new person, like a brand new woman. I feel like a brand new person in my life.”

Danley had a choice to make: go with Campus Crusade for Christ or remain unemployed and keep her faith active.

She chose the second option. She says she is “not giving up” on helping to build a church after hearing people’s needs.

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