The D.A. Gascón Story

The D.A. Gascón Story

Op-Ed: D.A. Gascón: Yes, I’m ‘with the Blacks’ on ‘black’

The latest installment in the saga between the D.A. Gascón family and the Hispanic community of Boston, a long and difficult story that’s been brewing for years, and that now finally, finally breaks through the proverbial glass ceiling and gives us a glimpse into why he’s running for mayor.

At the center of this story: The D.A. Gascón story of how the Boston Hispanic community and other activists have been trying to persuade him to become the first Chicano (his preferred term) mayor of this city. More specifically, they’ve been trying to persuade him to accept the nomination of the party–and win its endorsement in November’s mayoral race.

The D.A. Gascón story of why he’s trying to win the party’s endorsement in an election so close to the November 8, 2010 primary.

The D.A. Gascón story of what happened on the night of November 14, the night after his interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. And an account of what happened over the following weeks.

And so, for more than a year, over the course of more than a year, he’s been going head to head with his entire family to try, without success, to win the Hispanic voters’ approval for him to run for the presidency of this city, city that he leads.

But they’re not going to let me have it. They’re going to drag this family through the mud. They’re going to make up any reason they can to discredit him and, of course, what they’re going to do is call him a racist, which no one would believe.

The story of what happened in the days after I interviewed him with Chris Matthews at 10:17am on November 14 and after my column appeared online at the Boston Globe’s

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