The Astros vs Royals Game 1

The Astros vs Royals Game 1

World Series: Framber Valdez and Astros Even Series With Game 2 Win.

The Astros are 1 strike away from taking a 2 games to 1 series lead over the Royals. In Game 1, Houston out struck the Astros pitching 5-3 in the game. With only 2 hits by the Royals it was never likely that they would get any runs.

The problem for the Astros may have been that their offence never took the bat to the Royals batters. The Royals batters got a single, and a pair of walks in the game. This was a series that was expected a blowout on every single play. Many were asking what kind of series was this.

The Astros are just 1 game back of the Royals.

The Royals have won 3 straight, but have lost most of their games in the last couple of days.

While the Astros are at 1 strike away from taking a 2 games to 1 series lead, it will be a tough challenge for the Royals. If the Royals can find a way to strike out the Astros hitters, there is no way that the Royals can steal a series from the Astros. To do that it will take a lot of pitching, a lot of hitting and a few bad breaking balls.

The Royals have a great pitching staff. In the bullpen, they are 2 and 1/2 games better than the Astros bullpen.

While the Royals have a chance to win it series, they are a long way from any sort of series win.

The Astros won in Game 1 behind their excellent pitching. The Astros offense has a long way to go to play a major role. The Royals have shown the ability to win many games, the problem is that they are a long way from any serious series wins.

Houston will have a 2 to 1 series lead when they come to Los Angeles for game 2. If the Royals hit the Astros batters the same way they did in Game 1, the Astros will end up losing the series.

A 2 to 1 series lead means that the Astros have a great

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