The Republican Party Is One-third of America

The Republican Party Is One-third of America

Woke goes to die over education at the ballot box?

Well, I guess that after all that, it’s only fair that the other side has to die over it too. Maybe that’s the point of all the voting.

Of course, I’m not a voting Democrat, but I’ve been listening to them since the early 90s and back in the day, you’d hear them complaining about being told to go back to the Middle Ages.

At least the current Dem, President Obama, is honest. He wants to bring back the good ole days when no one really cared about the economy, the military, our foreign policy, or our safety, security, and well-being. And he’s going to do it while cutting taxes, balancing the budget, and fighting a war with a very good chance of winning.

And the Republican party, in the last century, fought, bickered, and argued.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that during the last hundred years, the Republican party has been almost a third of America. I don’t mean that they’re “one-third of America.”

They’ve been the third.

And in the name of fighting, bickered, and arguing with you, we have lost about 40% of our manufacturing jobs, over 25% of our population, and over 15% of our standard of living.

In short, the Republicans have been one-third of America. But the Democrat party is the other.

But while the Democratic party was one-third of America, President Obama was one-third of America, and that’s where I have a problem. And that’s where I think both Parties need to get to work in 2015.

Both sides need to wake up, get

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