The Oscar Nominees, Their Races and Their Politics

The Oscar Nominees, Their Races and Their Politics

Hollywood goes to the polls: See which celebrities are voting for Bass and Caruso

If Bass and Caruso and the rest of the Oscar-nominated actors go to the polls on Feb. 24, then they will be voting to choose the best acting category for 2017’s Academy Awards.

At first glance, it seems as if the Academy Awards would be no more diverse than the Academy Awards, with only one black nominee in more than a decade and just three Latinas and only two Asians. But that would be ignoring the other Oscar nominees and the number of Asians, Latinos and women who have won Oscars throughout the years.

So who are the voters? Where are they from? And who are they voting for? Here, then, is an up-to-date look at the Oscar nominees, their races and their politics.

Who are the Oscar nominees?

There are a total of 25 Oscar nominees in 13 categories. Among them, six are black; four are Latinas; six are women; four are Asians; and three are African-Americans.

Also among the nominees are two African-Americans who received nominations for acting — Morgan Freeman and John Legend, among the best of the bunch.

We can’t say exactly which African-American actors might be considered “Oscar-nominated,” because not all of them were in the running for a nomination at all.

In a number of categories, there are two nominees with the same name. Also, five nominees have the same first name — for instance, both Viola Davis and Viola Davis are in the best supporting actress category. But it’s likely that each nominee is recognized for being the best in his or her category.

Where are they from?

A few points, as with the Oscars. Most of the nominees — more than four-fifths — hail from the United States.

Of the 13 Oscar categories, more than 80 percent of the nominees are from the United States. Only two nominees, both of them actors, hail from Africa — in the best supporting actress category, Tessa Thompson is from South Africa (and Michael B. Jordan in the best supporting actor category) and Viola Davis is from both the United States and Canada.

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